Preparing for Halloween

We carved three of the five pumpkins we bought at Whistling Well. The big kids drew their designs in dry erase marker and Mark carved them. He did Ellie’s himself. The big kids gutted their own pumpkins too, after only a little protesting by Grace. Ellie helped throw the guts in the garbage for Grace, who was across the table from the trash can. Grace took a bowl full of seeds out to the woods and “planted” them. We’ll see if we end up with anything next year.

We also got all the kids’ costumes. We bought Connor’s this summer at a garage sale. It’s a really nice Scooby-Doo costume. Despite being from a garage sale, it cost more than the girls’ outfits combined! We found a Mulan dress at Neighbors that fit Grace and added a foam sword from Goodwill. Total cost: $3. Our Goodwill gets lots of Target cast-offs that are brand new but can’t be sold at Target for whatever reason. We got Ellie an adorable gnome costume that retails for $20. It was marked $7. The cashier gave me a coupon booklet for local second-hand-type stores. It had a half price for 1 item Goodwill coupon and she let me use it on the spot, so the gnome was $3.50.

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  1. October 25, 2011 at 11:32 pm

    I tend to let the boys get whatever costume they want because they wear them all. year. long.

    But you are awesome; way to be that coupon diva, bargain shopping mom (for most stuff, I am too)!

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